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Quantity Services

Since 2006 as Constructive Estimating we have been providing quantity take-offs for Sub-Contractors tendering on Lump Sum projects on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We have been responsible for measuring hundreds of projects for trades such as concrete, render, painting, landscaping and civil works.


Lloyd Carey Consultants was a Quantity Surveyor & Cost Consultant that had been looking after Tax Depreciation Clients on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane for over 20 years before Lloyd recently retiring. 

QTYS Quantity Services has evolved from combining Constructive Estimating  and Lloyd Carey Consultants.

QTYS can now provide specialist services in two crucial parts of the property life cycle.

“The foundation of what we do is to measure the quantities in order to manage it better.  It is as simple as that."

Lincoln Catton


Quantity Services is a local family owned Sunshine Coast business. We live local, we buy local and we support other local businesses.


We are the locals on the Sunshine Coast for Quantity Surveying and Tax Depreciation Services.