What is the process to getting a Trade take-off measured?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Send us the link or file provided by your builder to access the project drawings

  2. Let us know the date you require the measure by

  3. If you have a preferred format send us and example, otherwise we will provide the measure  in a logical format from the ground up in order that it would be constructed to align with payment claims during construction

  4. We use Global Estimating (Buildsoft) and Cubit Estimating software to measure the quantities using an onscreen take-off

  5. We then provide a summary and detail file of the quantities in PDF format with the measured quantities listed out to aid pricing

  6. We also provide the marked up drawings so that you may have them for your reference with any meetings with the builder reducing any confusion about what is included

  7. We charge an hourly rate billed when the quantities are provided